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> Our pedagogy <

Our method of teaching is in small groups from 6 to a maximum of 14 participants. This enables us to tailor the work to everyone’s needs, promote communication, interaction, collaboration, and encourage all students to speak French.

All our courses are exclusively taught in French and suitable for all levels, including beginners. This enables us to facilitate real immersion, familiarize students with the contemporary French language, and help them quickly become independent.

Pédagogie Langue Onze

Our teaching is based on the action-oriented approach, with our pedagogical progression strictly adhering to the levels defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) from levels A1 to C2. According to the CEFR, the action-oriented approach views learners as “social actors, tasked with performing tasks in specific circumstances and environments within a particular field of action.”

Because of this, we place our students in learning situations modelled after real-life situations this enables them to interact daily and navigate through both their personal and professional lives. We only use authentic documents or media materials to immerse students as much as possible in the nuances of the French language and culture.

The teaching materials used in class are included as part of the course fee. There is no singular method but instead a mix of authentic and diverse content. For example, newspaper articles, magazines, advertisements, brochures, photos, comic books, extracts from novels, poems, radio shows, songs; film extracts, video documentaries; resources and ICT activities (digital documents, websites, online quizzes…).

Documents from various French textbooks are also adapted and used to provide theoretical foundations: explanatory grammar sheets alongside grammar or vocabulary exercises.

A consistent objective across our courses is to provide you with the essential lexical and grammatical tools to communicate in French. This is achieved by working on the five competencies necessary for language acquisition: listening comprehension, oral production, oral interaction, reading comprehension, and written production.

> Level testing, progress monitoring and evaluation <

As soon as your registration is confirmed, you will receive a written-level test, to complete online. Your level will then be confirmed via an oral test on the fist day of your first course. Our school takes special care to ensure that each individual is placed at the appropriate level. This ensures consistent progress and effective interaction with other students.

Ongoing monitoring of your progress is conducted via classroom activities, systematic corrections, and personalized guidance. A linguistic knowledge assessment is provided to students every four weeks to track their progress and validate certain level advancements.

Niveau de français

Each level corresponds to an 8-week cycle.

At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate of completion, detailing your starting level and the final level reached.

If you wish to obtain an official and internationally recognized certification of your French proficiency level and skills, we recommend enrolling in our official exam preparation courses: DELF/DALF/TCF. As well as taking the exam at our centre. Or in an official centre in France or abroad.

> From A1 to C2: regarding CERCL levels <













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> Educational Project <

At Langue Onze Toulouse, a French as a Foreign Language (FLE) awarded « Qualité FLE », Every July, we offer our « Junior Programme »for teenagers aged 13 to 17..

This programme offers intensive French courses in the mornings and cultural and sporting activities in the afternoons, with accommodation in host families for total immersion.

We focus on intercultural education, creativity, autonomy, freedom of expression and cultural development, while raising young people’s awareness of their role as citizens of the world.

Our qualified team ensures the safety and smooth running of the activities, guaranteeing an enriching and memorable experience.

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