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> Our studios in student residences

Staring from 18 years old

No meals

1 person per studio

Reception and entertainment service

Eligible for those staying on courses longer than three months (APL)

Enjoy being independent in a fully furnished and equipped individual studio, whilst encountering the local French and international student community!

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> Additional services (paid options)

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    • Ask for the availability and reservation by Langue Onze Toulouse
    • Once your application is confirmed, monthly payments are made directly to the residence.

> Our accommodation in hotel residences

From 18 years old and above

No meals

1 to 4 occupants

Distance: 20 minutes maximum from school

Airport transfer not included

A stay in complete freedom, which is ideal for short periods.

The extended-stay hotel allows you to stay in a fully furnished and equipped studio. With the option of choosing the additional options that interest you, just like in a hotel. You can choose from residences that range from 2 to 4 stars, depending on your desired comfort and your budget!

> The pros of a studio in a hotel residence

    • A living room with a double sofa bed, two single beds, and/or a double bed (depending on the residence);
    • A TV with access to foreign channels;
    • A kitchenette with electric hotplates, refrigerator, microwave oven, and cutlery (you’ll be required to do your own grocery shopping and prepare your meals yourself);
    • Work station
    • Bathroom with a shower or a bath ;

> Additional services (paid options) <

>Our partner residences:

We also work with boutique hotels located in the heart of Toulouse. Contact us for more information

> Accommodation conditions <

Langue Onze Toulouse provides the option to reserve a studio in our high-quality student and young professional residences at a favourable rate.

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