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> Our professional and dynamic team here in Toulouse

Benefit from personalised attention while you enjoy your unforgettable experience, taking advantage of our French lessons and the comprehensive services we provide: housing, activity program, orientation, tutoring etc.

Our professional and dynamic team will welcome you to Langue Onze Toulouse all year round. Always readily available and very attentive, we will take great care in meeting your personal needs, enabling you to French in the best conditions and ensuring you enjoy your time here in Toulouse. This makes for an enjoyable stay rich with new experiences and incredible encountres.


> Our administritive team

Right from the first contact, our language stay coordinators will give you advice on which is the best formula of courses and services for you, catered towards your personal objectives and budget. Because our team of professionals are multilingual, we can answer your questions in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese. You will benefit from personalized support from the moment you register with us, which will continue before your arrival and throughout your stay in Toulouse.

Fanny Jorand


The Directer of the centre

Fanny ensures that the school runs smoothly as a whole whilst simultaneously monitoring our teaching quality. Her door is always open for students to ensure that each individual reaches their goal.

french teacher in Toulouse


Pedagogical Director

Margot began her journey here at Langue Onze Toulouse by teaching dynamic French to the teenagers who came to our junior summer program. Margot has since been responsible for all types of courses offered by our school. Margot is also a pedagogical assistant to Fanny as well as ensuring the smooth organization of DELF/DALF and TCF exams.


Language stay coordinator

Yarina is in charge of coordinating the group stays and the summer junior program. Furthermore, Yarina is perfectly bilingual in French-Spanish and possesses an excellent level of English. She can provide as well as support tailor-made programs!

Pamela LOT


Language stay coordinator

Pamela will be your advisor if you register directly via our website. Pamela can assist you in French, English, and Spanish and support you both before and during your stay.

Laure LOT


Language stay coordinator

Laure focuses on the registrations for our partners. If you are to register through a partner agency from your country, Laure will be your advisor on our school premises. Laure speaks both French and English fluently, with some knowledge of Korean!


Reception and activity manager

Clement will be the very first person you meet here at Langue Onze Toulouse. From the first day and onwards, he will provide you with all the useful information about the school and life here in Toulouse. He is also the person who creates our activity program to ensure you have the real LANGUE ONZE TOULOUSE experience!

> Professional training and quality objectives

All involved daily in the improvement of the quality approach undertaken by our school, we regularly participate in professional training to continue developing our skills, adapt and evolve as much as possible for your needs for learning French.

> Our team of French teachers

At Langue Onze Toulouse, you will learn French with our super-friendly team composed of 6 permanent teachers, who are:


> Our French teachers

Claire B FLE


French teacher

Over the years, Claire has specialized in playfully teaching phonetics and the modelling of French language systems. Heavily inspired by traditional French and Hellenic cultures, her grammatical teaching style focuses extensively on playfully incorporating music, cinema, and folk tales.


French teacher

Carole’s literacy background and interests in artistic fields have motivated her to initiate projects around the theme of “The body in French language teaching” in particular through the medium of circus and theatre.

Kevin FLE


French teacher

Kevin is specialized in incorporating dynamic new technologies in the classroom. Constantly discovering new innovative methods, Kevin often incorporates video games into French language learning. At least once per month, Kebin leads a workshop on these themes.

Marie FLE


French teacher

Marie has been teaching French as a Foreign Language here at Langue Onze Toulouse since 2005. Marie gives all types of lessons, but her particular interest is in having fun and being playful in the classroom.



French teacher

Myrthe has created a variety of workshops and training courses all centered around learning French through cinema. As well as turning to her two primary passions for inspiration: writing and literature.. This has resulted in Myrthe implementing several workshops on French and Francophone literature and writing within our school.

Our team is regularly reinforced by additional teachers.

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